Clarion can help you think outside the box.

If size, weight or cost is a concern, wrapping your product is a cost effective alternative.  Clarion Warehouse can design a plan that protects your products wherever they ship in the world.


Shrink wrap is the most common and most cost effective way to protect your equipment or material during transportation or storage.



This shrink material consists of cross fibers making it stronger and tear resistant. Clarion has developed Griffon zipper doors for lifters and access panels. We highly recommend the Griff Shrink for products being stored outside for long periods of time.


Foil Wrapping

This product is a thin layer of foil with plastic layers bonded to it. Foil wrap will decrease the chance of condensation by vacuum sealing the contents.


Custom Tarps

We can design tarps made out of vinyl to custom fit your piece with your company logo and information.



Static Intercept, and VCI Plastic are just some of the wrapping products that we provide that offer rust proofing.