Clarion's crates are the most user friendly crates on the market. We've thought of everyone from the packager to the customer unpacking it and everything in between.

Stock Boxes Or Cases

A stock box is normally small in size and defined as a box that is designed to ship inside a container or van but not for an exterior shipment.


Standard Crates

Clarion's standard crate is designed to ship by any means of transportation (AIR, LAND, OCEAN). It has 4X4 runners with wall studding every two feet and 1/2 inch plywood sheeting for cladding which is nailed with ring shanked nails, not stapled.


Modular Crates

Clarion has designed a crate that can be assembled at your facility within five minutes on any standard crate. Other companies modular crating is either hard to assemble or uses less durable non standardized materials. Watch the Video >


Hood Boxing

Hood boxes are designed to attach walls directly to your product without using the skid or base. Your piece needs to be able to be lifted with its own structure. The benefits of hood boxing are a reduction in costs and height because you're not utilizing a base


Hood Box Crate

This design comes in two pieces. One piece consists of four walls and a roof. The second piece is a base or skid.


Industrial & Over-sized Crating

These crates are designed on an individual basis to meet the specific needs of the equipment to be transported, ensuring safe delivery to your customer.


Customized: Roofing, Covers, Strapping, and Metal Fabrication

Clarion has a true custom fabrication shop. If there's an opening, we can cover it. If your product is complicated to secure, Clarion can design strapping specific to your piece requirements. If it needs brackets or braces, we can fabricate it. All these services are designed to keep your product safe.


Consulting & Design

Clarion offers consultation on every service we provide.
Clarion can provide dynamic strengths as well as CAD drawings